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nsfilmjobsScreen Nova Scotia have been a much needed unified voice for the film sector during a catastrophic time. If you haven’t already, please visit their website, follow them on Facebook, and on Twitter.

The Provincial Liberal Government of Stephen McNeil eliminated the Film Tax Credit, and closed the Film & Creative Industries NS offices (then re-opened them in name only). The tax credit has been replaced by an untested, industry-not-standard, incentive program which may have some value in future.

In the short term, and likely for the next several years, the film industry in NS has been wiped out. At this writing there is not a single new (post Liberal budget) project scheduled in NS. Well known, experienced crew, producers, and suppliers are leaving the Province daily.

Screen Nova Scotia will keep you up to date.

Provincial Government cuts NS Film Tax Credit

From the Screen Nova Scotia website:


As you may be aware, the film, television and digital media industry is currently facing a great deal of uncertainty due to comments made by the Finance Minister. There is a growing concern that the Film, Television and Digital Media Tax Credits which our industry relies on to be competitive in a global industry could face drastic changes. It’s important to know that it’s not too late to influence the budget, which is being tabled on April 9th. It is CRITICAL that our community and its supporters make our collective voice heard.

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