How To Apply

Links to application forms are on the page for each Award. Look under the “Awards” menu for the specific Award you want to apply for.

Applications must be received by the deadline.

All the Awards generally require the following:

  • Synopsis (25 words).
  • Project description (1-2 pages).
  • Treatment or Script excerpt up to 10 pages.
  • Biography or curriculum vitae.
  • Budget.
  • Links to visual support material. Or DVD support material (if applicable).
  • Written support material.
  • Signed application form for each Award for which you are applying (required by deadline).
  • Entry fee of $20 (can be received after the deadline but before the jury meeting).

The fine print which appears on the applications is generally as follows, however some Awards may have additional limitations relating to which Province they are offered in, and who can apply. The Joy, Joy Post, and Helen Hill Animated Awards are open to applicants from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland or Prince Edward Island. The New Brunswick Joy Award is open only to applicants who have permanent residence in NB. The Newfoundland Joy Award is open only to applicants who have permanent residence in Newfoundland & Labrador.

Applications must be made by email.
Visual support material should be included by links to VIMEO, Youtube or other similar platforms. Be sure to include passwords if they are needed.

One complete set of material from each successful applicant will become part of the LJMAS Archive.

Applicants are encouraged to contact the Awards Coordinator with any questions, before applying. Any digital formats or media must be Windows and Mac compatible.

Applicants must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants with permanent, ongoing residence in the Atlantic provinces, or the Province of the Award. Past recipients can apply again at least 12 months after receiving their past award: their past Award project must be completed, and required reports and material received by the LJMAS. In this Award session, requests for retroactive financing are ineligible, as well as for film or video transfers. The project for which funding is applied must be targeted for completion by October 01, 2014. There are no project length restrictions. Applicant must maintain creative control. All applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the Awards Coordinator before applying and early enough to ensure adequate time to develop your application.

Applications will be judged by a regional and diverse jury. New Brunswick Joy will be adjudicated by a New Brunswick peer-review jury. The composition of the juries is confidential. Selection will be based on the innovation and creativity of the proposed project, with priority given to: emerging artists and established artists exploring a new genre or medium. Consideration will be given to the applicability of the award(s) being sought and to the applicant’s demonstrated ability to complete the project as planned and budgeted.

Award recipients must agree to the following terms and conditions:
• to report project progress to the LJMAS at intervals and manner specified in the Award contract.
• to acknowledge the Society and Award Sponsors by name in the project and to do so according to the terms of the Award contract, and to honour the contract terms.
• to use the award within one year on only the submitted project (extensions must be requested in writing solely through the LJMAS no later than March 01, 2014).
• to provide material for archives and publicity purposes to the LJMAS as described in the Award contract, and to have their name and image appear in publications.
• to be present at the Joy Awards Brunch in September to receive the Award.
• the terms of the Award contract take precedence over and supercede this form in case of contradiction or change.

Applications must be emailed to

The NB Joy must be emailed only to

See the contact page for mailing and other information.

If you have questions please email