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Michael Fuller wins Technicolor Post Joy Award

We are pleased to announce the 2014 winner of the Technicolor Post Joy Award is Michael Fuller for his project, Myrtle Beach.

Myrtle Beach is an experimental feature-length narrative-driven documentary set in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

This film takes place during that time of year when this beach town is mostly devoid  of tourists. As Canadians such iconic tourist destinations inform (or perhaps  misinform) our idea of what awaits south of the border down the I-95 highway: a land  of perpetual sun and good times. Myrtle Beach uses the parameters of a place to  explore something larger. It shows a beach town that is alive with personal stories, singular histories, private sorrows, quiet passions, lonely moments, happy accidents, joyful epiphanies and nocturnal rants. Disarmingly quiet and visually arresting, these candid monologues and conversations gently coax disparate world views to the fore and fix a circumspect gaze on a flip side of life in resort towns that we tourists rarely get to witness.


Fonya Irvine wins NB Joy Award

With great pleasure we announce the winner of the 2014 New Brunswick Joy Award,
Fonya Irvine for her project, Adrift Without An Anchor. Congratulations Fonya!

The Award includes
$5,500 in equipment or facilities from the New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-operative
$1,000 in cash from New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-operative
$7,500 in post services from The Postman
$10,000 in equipment resources from Equifilm
40% off invoice discount on 35mm or 16mm film stock, with a minimum purchase of 1 400ft roll from Kodak Canada Invoice.

Special thanks to Cat LeBlanc for coordinating the NB Joy Award and jury, and to the New Brunswick Filmmakers Cooperative.

Also special thanks to Cat and Tony for coming down to the Joy Awards Brunch in 2014! Every year they make the trip to lend a hand, a generous and appreciated gesture!

The NB Joy Award is announced at the Silver Wave Film Festival each year. Visit the Award page and the Silver Wave Film Festival website.


Deadlines still coming!

2014 isn’t over yet, there are still three Joy Awards to be announced at the Silver Wave Film Festival!

The New Brunswick Joy Award deadline is October 17th!

The Helen Hill Animated Joy Award deadline is October 17th!

The Technicolor Post Joy Award deadline is October 28th!

Get your application forms on the relevant Award pages (from menu at top of page, or click through links on this post). Remind your colleagues!


Martine Blue wins Newfoundland Joy Award 2014

The Linda Joy Media Arts Society is pleased to announce the winner of the 2014 Newfoundland Joy Award. The LJMAS extends heartfelt congratulations to Martine Blue.

Winner: Martine Blue
For: Perfect Family
Award partners: Atlantic Studio Cooperative ($7,500), Newfoundland Independent Filmmakers Coop ($2,500), John Doyle ($1,200), Kodak Canada.

Edda McCraken, a six-foot tall parrot woman and former circus performer, struggles with her thirteen year old daughter’s new found embarrassment of her freakish family.

Martine Blue is a filmmaker living in rural Newfoundland.  She has self-financed several award winning films which have been screened at film festivals here and internationally. Most recently her comedy Me2 has received enthusiastic reviews.


Nelson MacDonald & Jeff Wheaton win 902 Post Joy Award

The Linda Joy Media Arts Society is pleased to announce the winner of the 2014 902 Post Joy Award. The LJMAS extends heartfelt congratulations to Nelson and Jeff.

Winner: Nelson MacDonald & Jeff Wheaton
For: Safe
Award partner: 902 Post Inc. ($10,000).

Safe is an unconventional documentary film, a poetic essay that reflects on the tens of thousands of surveillance cameras in Halifax and by association, the larger question of surveillance and privacy in our society.
Halifax is tirelessly observed by security cameras which gaze at us from grocery store aisles to secure naval facilities. Some however watch from odd vantages in trees and kiddie-themed boat rides. These electronic watchers unblinkingly watch hour after hour of, mostly, nothing happening. Theirs is an absurdist perspective, unintentionally ridiculous to the point of comedy.
Safe takes a look at the lookers and the both ominous and equally funny nature of their existence.

Nelson MacDonald is one of Atlantic Canada’s top emerging film producers. His credits include producing the award winning short film Rhonda’s Party, which premiered at the Montreal World Film Festival, won CBC’s Short Film Faceoff, and was named one of the Toronto International Film Festivals Top Ten Canadian Short Films. In 2012 Nelson produced the short film When You Sleep and associate produced the feature film Blackbird. Both films opened at TIFF. His latest short film Stray is now on the festival circuit with screenings at Montrealʼs Festival du Nouveau Cinema and Atlantic Film Festival.

Jeff Wheaton is a prolific cinematographer and emerging director based in Halifax. His work on short films and music videos for directors including Jason Eisener and Cory Bowles has earned screenings at dozens of festivals including Sundance and TIFF. In 2012, Jeff was awarded Best Cinematography at the Atlantic Film Festival for his work on Sol Naglerʼs experimental feature Gravity and Grace. Most recently Jeff was the 2013 Filmmaker in Residence at the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative where he created the experimental short film Hive, which the Chronicle-Herald described as “delving into the mythology of bees, the history of bees and beekeeping, and a look at where bees are now.”